Jelly Picnic

on 7:03 PM

Jelly Picnic

Jelly Picnic
Jelly Picnic is one of those video games in which you observed you'll simply play one quick round and then you don't stop playing for hours. just like the other healthy-3 games, you have to make organizations of three out of the jellies which then dissolve, making room for brand new portions. if you're fortunate, the new portions fit the prevailing ones, putting off a series reaction and unexpectedly racking up your points. in case you combine extra than three jellies of the identical shade, they go away at the back of an advantage block that makes an entire row or coloration vanish in seconds. And the clock that hundreds more time onto the timer ticking away on every level is just as beneficial. do not permit the timer run out! Or back you visit degree one – wherein you'll get stuck again and again again attempting again just one extra, seriously just one more time this time...

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