Fists of Frenzy

on 3:40 PM

Fists of Frenzy

Fists of Frenzy
you're in your own at a crossroad and you are surrounded by fierce ninjas. The ninjas will come when you from all instructions and you want perfect timing to fight them off. as soon as they may be proper subsequent to you, there is a small second in time to kick within the course of an attacker to neutralise him, earlier than he is capable of stab you. every so often you fall in a frenzy that clears off all enemies immediately and gives you a few badly needed time to irritating up and pay attention. The greater enemies you managed to defeat, the cooler individual you are able to free up and play with. Be it a monk, the schoolgirl, a panda or even a robotic - some thing you play, a laugh is guaranteed on this unfastened online game. Play now!

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